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RAWR Tyler Hill, Age 16, an athlete with a heart!

A New Life

By Alec Hill, Age 12

For His Brother Tyler's Memorial


You have taught me well

You have made me strong

I thought learning was hard

I guess I was wrong

Laughter, memories

All of which you made.

I thought it was forever

Until it starts to fade.

Though I fear not

Going through strife

For you have started

Started a new life.

About Tyler...

Tyler was born in Edina, Minnesota in 1991 to Sheryl and Allen Hill.  He is their firstborn and big brother to Alec Hill, who came four years later.

Tyler's first name means foundation builder, cornerstone.  Tyler's middle name, Russell, means red in honor of his maternal grandmother's native American heritage, and his paternal great-grandfather's name. 


At age 5, Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  He underwent Functional Insulin Treatment & Diabetes Group Rehabilitation with Dr. Kinga Howorka in Vienna, Austria - metabolically correct insulin substitution.  Dr. Howorka dedicated her patient guidebook to Tyler.  


Ty was a leader and a role model with near-normal blood sugar and no episodes of severe high or low blood sugar, until his death.  He spoke frequently before National Institute of Health fellows, and American Diabetes Association presidents about 'normal insulin.' His doctor said he would have fewer gray hairs if more patients were like Tyler, describing his diabetes management as 'excellent.'

Ty grew into an athletic all-star, 6' 2" tall at 16.  He weighed in at 215 lbs. shortly before he traveled to Japan with Ambassador Group's People to People Student Ambassador Program. 


His U19 Western Alliance Rugby Team recognized Tyler as MVP his first year, when he was fifteen years old.  He enjoyed hockey and football, often as a referee for LMAA youth football.  His dad was the Lake Minnetonka Area Athletic Director. Ty was also certified in advanced scuba diving and loved skiing.  


A history buff since he could talk, Ty watched the history channel for fun.  He liked to engage in the Call of Duty video game, earning highest ranks.  He enjoyed Band of Brothers, almost anything written by Stephen Ambrose, and Military Magazine.


His family hosted four international youth from Finland (Sari), France (Sylvie), Sweden (Caroline) and South Africa (Gilly).  They are like sisters to him.  They are still close to our family.  Tyler signed his family up to host exchange students a few weeks before he died.  Nikita (Germany), Yusuke (Japan), Roberto (Chile), and Joao (Brazil) became exchange student brothers to Alec because of this action.


Alec graduated from Mound Westonka High School in 2013 Summa Cum Laude. He honors his brother with how he lives his life.  He is now a senior biomedical engineer.


Tyler was honored and called a hero at his school for single-handedly reporting a bomb threat when others were too frightened to come forward. He consistently earned honor roll status, applying his personal best towards his grades, although math and Spanish were not his favorite. He loved history and science, especially chemistry.


'Thank You' is often abbreviated as "TY" when texting.  It seems appropriate. His nickname, TY, portrays gratitude.  So grateful he is ours! Love you forever!  RAWR!


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